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10:30 a.m. Worship

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If you join us on Sunday morning, you’ll hear me say those words. Almost every week, I wonder if I should change it up. I tend to be a person who does not like to do the same thing from week to week so saying the same phrase every Sunday starts to grate on my nerves. Every week, I come back to that same simple sentence: Welcome to St. Paul’s.
Whether you come into contact with St. Paul’s through our Food Pantry or Arbor College Ministry, our website or social media, through the red doors of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, or walking by and stopping for a cup of coffee as you pass our courtyard: Welcome to St. Paul’s!
St. Paul’s has been in the Evansville community for a while since 1836 to be exact. A group of people sensed a call from God to create an Episcopal worshiping community here on the river. St. Paul’s past has been tied deeply to the city of Evansville, being a place that started the school that would one day become Evansville Day School and working with the war effort. Like the city of Evansville, we are invited to dream of who we might be and become, building on these memories and stories of our past. Where might God lead us in the future? What might God have for us?
We welcome you as part of our story today, from wherever you come and from wherever you will go. We pray you will meet God here and experience God’s love, reconciliation, and hope for the world in small ways or maybe even in big ways.
Welcome to St. Paul’s!

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