Sunday Worship

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost
8 a.m. Worship (download bulletin)
10:30 a.m. Worship (download bulletin)

The 10:30 a.m. worship will be live streamed on Facebook.

Feel free to download, print, or retain the bulletin links prior to the worship. We will also have a bulletins available.


Christian Formation

Welcome to “The Good Place!” Join us in the summer during our formation hour at 9:15 a.m. in Webb Hall as we watch episodes of the comedy “The Good Place” and talk about morality, what it means to be good, and heaven and hell.

Meal Train for Laura & Matt

New St. Paul’s members Laura Soderberg and Matt Hagerty welcomed their new baby into the world last month. Let’s bring them tasty meals so they can take care of the baby Jean and get some sleep. Please sign up here to bring a meal, or contact Joanna at jbenskin@ses.cdsp.edu or 512.784.0588. We’d love to have meals delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays from June 14 through July.

Fellowship Time!

Fellowship Time! Set up for Fellowship refreshments after 10:30 service is now very simple. There is a small portable table, individually wrapped snacks and other supplies in the storage room next to the Parish House kitchen. Pitchers, ice and water are located in the main kitchen or if individual drinks are available, they will be in the St. Paul’s side of the refrigerator. To continue our goals of visibility and service to the community, refreshments will be outside in the courtyard unless there is rain or extreme temperatures. If you are interested in setting up Fellowship refreshments on one or more Sundays, sign-up here or contact Melanie Wiggins at 812-430-1210.

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are?

What are your God-given talents? How do you develop them? Do you ever wish you had someone else’s gifts? What does it mean that we all have different strengths? Join Holly+ at 10 – 11 a.m. on Wednesdays in July (July 13, 20, 27) in Webb Hall to explore how God has wired us and how we might use these in our lives and for the good of the world. Each participant will pick a specific project or situation to develop during our time together. All participants will need to take the Clifton Strengths Assessment which you will get from Holly+ after signing up. The cost of the test is $10 and scholarships are available. Contact Holly+ to sign up. (Interested in doing this but the time doesn’t work? Contact Holly+ to see if we can find another time to gather a group together.) For more information, check out https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths.

Gratitude Feast: July 16

All are welcome for a potluck dinner to celebrate gratitude on July 16 at 6 p.m. Fried chicken, tea, and lemonade will be provided; bring a side or dessert to share if you’d like. We will have indoor and outdoor seating options. Please RSVP to Rev. Holly at TheRevHRZ@gmail.com .

Art in the courtyard: July 17

Please join us for an intergenerational art fair after the 10:30 service on July 17. Remember to bring your cash / checkbook on the 17th so that you can support art in our community and take home something wonderful! All ages are welcome to participate, and it’s free to display and sell your arts and crafts; you can donate an item to our St. Paul’s fundraising table if you’d like. Let us know (jbenskin@ses.cdsp.edu) if you need a table, if you’re willing to help move tables, or if you’re willing to bring snacks to share. Weather permitting, we’ll be in the courtyard.

Community & World Missions

Community & World Missions would like to hear from you regarding organizations in our community, State and the larger, global community that you would like St. Paul’s to support. We currently are looking for groups to help with both monetary donations and service projects. If you have a group in mind, please forward information to Lisa Watson at her email address:lpwatson12@gmail.com

The Summer Epistle

Download the latest Epistle here. If you would like it mailed or know someone how would please contact the church office.

Share on the Second

The second Sunday of the month we are asking for donations to benefit the Food Pantry next Sunday we are requesting Ravioli (15 oz can),Fruit (15 oz can), Chunk Light Tuna (5 oz can), and Raman Noodles (Beef or Chicken). Ruler Foods is usually the least expensive store to buy these items. There will be a basket/box in the Narthex and at the bottom of the ramp from the Sanctuary.


Total Receipts: $106,407.17

Target: $138,056.45

Plus/(Minus): ($31,649.28)

You can give electronically here.


Long-term Prayers

Jane Gordon, Shelba Bauermeister, Dorothy Snider, Gemma Anglin, Nikki Elmerick, Karen Schakelford,Mary Barrett, Jeanie Mitchell, Emma Robinson, Sarah and boys, Kate Fairbanks-Head, Rita Goebel, Barbara Macke, Betsy Barth Stearns, Weatherholt Family, Mike McGregor, Jeanette, Mike McDonald, Martha Robinson, Randy & Jennifer Dean, Aaron Hite, Ellen , Charles Edwards

Short-term prayers

Liz Bigham, Kaye Castle, Gardner Weber, Annette Johnsen, Faith Twiss, Mary Ann, Ron, David Hirsch, Mike Hirsch, Nick Johnson, Rod Volz, Sandy Harmon, Julie St Clair, Randy Conner and the Conner Family, Jerry McCandless, Catherine Godbold, Josiah Scheller, Paul Compton, Jane Sims, Jonathan Jones, Lydia Johnson, Caleb, Laura Bradley, Amy Zimmerman, Jax

Staff Contacts

The Rev. Holly Rankin Zaher, Rector | 812-484-8543 | therevhrz@gmail.com

The Rev. Dr. Joanna Benskin, Pathways Priest | 512-784-0588 | jbenskin@ses.cdsp.edu

Denise Hammontree, Parish Administrator | officestpevv@gmail.com

Mike Hartz, Director of Communication | 812-530-1622 | mphartz@gmail.com

Margaret Kimberling, Organist — pennikick@gmail.com

Kathryn Lee, Choir Director — katie.lee97@me.com

Justin Samson, Family & Young Adult Minister — jasamson@eagles.usi.edu

Vestry members contacts

Joe Loge | jloge45@gmail.com | 812-760-9396

Millie Doty | domll3@aol.com | 317-919-1732

Anne Geissinger | algeissinger@gmail.com | 812-402-8343

Glynis Rosendall | gmrathome@icloud.com | (812) 867-9407

Tay Ruthenburg | jtr@evansville.net | 812-205-7777

Julie St. Clair | jstclair@usi.edu | 812-867-6913

Tom Tindle | tctindle@gmail.com | 812-499-3075

Jen Volz | jenvenson12@gmail.com | 513-379-6492

Richard Widup | securecpp@gmail.com | 812-550-1233

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